Hey , I'm Daniella, make-up artist and hair stylist for brides evenings, and fashion 

I have 6 years of experience in the field of fashion shows, models , weeding event – brides, bridesmaids, Makeup for mature skin

The first thing that stands before my eyes as a professional is to give my clients the feeling that you are best hands on your most exciting day

Personally, it is important to me to give you a relaxed, peaceful, fun and happy    environment, in your day

My passion is to help all kinds of women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. The goal that stands before my eyes is to make you look and feel beautiful, special, and Confidence about yourself

The most important thing for me at work is to be able to reflect your personality through the loo 

My service to the customers is my best feature, it is important to me to meet your needs and desires

To hear more details, I invite you to call or leave details for a free. consultation


חבילת VIP לכלה: עיצוב שיער ואיפור כולל תוספות לשיער – 1,100₪
ליווי לאולם של שלש שעות להחלפת תסרוקת – 700₪
איפור כלה – 500₪
עיצוב שיער פזור – 350₪ – 400₪
תסרוקת אסופה – 320₪
תוספות שיער – 200₪
איפור ערב – 300₪
חבילה איפור ושיער – 700₪
תסרוקת לילדות 3 עד 5 –  70₪
תסרוקת לילדות 6 עד 12 – 130₪
הגעה עד הבית ירושלים | מרכז | דרום – 50₪ עד 200₪